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Earn a High Six-Figure Income in a Booming Industry by Owning Your Own Internet Advertising Agency….

-- especially when we provide you with complete training, a turn key operation, your own website, customized marketing materials to attract clients fast, an instant team of 100 people at your disposal to work on projects, and ongoing one-on-one support to get new business….ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE. (Details below).

Home Based Business Opportunity

Dear Colleague:

The opportunity in Internet Advertising and Marketing is huge and the timing is perfect.

The question is: Are you going to take advantage of this absolutely incredible opportunity or will you let it slip by?

In a few moments, I am going to show you how you can earn a high six-figure income in this booming industry – with your own Internet Advertising Agency. All you need is a computer, telephone, Internet connection, and the desire to make lots of money. I guarantee that if you read the details that follow, you may look back on this day as the most important of your career.

This is not a multi-level marketing scheme, an offer to purchase an expensive franchise, or a cheesy “get rich quick scheme.” It is an opportunity to own your own turn key business and generate as much money as you want – with complete support, training, and an incredible set of resources at your disposal.

Best of all, you can take advantage of this opportunity even if….

  • EVEN IF….You currently know nothing about Internet Advertising.

  • EVEN IF….You don’t know how to set up your own business.

  • EVEN IF….You know nothing about marketing a business.

  • EVEN IF….You only want to work part time or from home.

None of that matters.

In fact, you need NO SPECIAL BACKGROUND ... virtually no money to put at risk ... only a little bit of time ... and the willingness to follow very easy-to-understand instructions.

And when we say this is THE quickest and easiest way for you to succeed in the Internet Advertising field and earn as much money as you want, we’re not kidding about that either, because…

What we've discovered about succeeding in business and achieving your most ambitious financial goals is that it's all about three things...

One: An industry that is growing explosively;
Two: An irresistible value proposition; and
Three: A turn key operation to quickly take advantage of this potential.

These three keys are a miraculous combination for making as much money as you want because:

  • Clients come to you. Almost every business owner is struggling to figure out how to market their business on the Internet – in ways that get real results – and we show you how to attract them.

  • There is little or no competition who can offer the depth of solutions and significant results that you do – so you set yourself apart as the “go-to” solution provider.

  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We give you all of the tools and systems you need to succeed. We are not a franchise, but provide the same support – or more – than most franchises provide.
  • Work is enjoyable and satisfying for you. You are making a difference to your clients, getting all the support you need, and succeeding beyond your expectations.

Let the Global Leader in Internet Advertising Show You How to Succeed

Before going further and describing how we provide you with these three keys, we’d like to explain who we are and why we are qualified to be offering you this remarkable opportunity.

Our company, NetSuccessUSA, is a global leader in Internet Advertising. We have over 100 employees in four countries and a roster of powerhouse clients. Our leadership team includes recognized leaders from Symantec, US Search.com, Sony, and Thompson Publishing – seasoned executives who have pioneered ways to help businesses make more money on the Internet through legitimate and ethical tactics.

Clients come to us for a variety of services, including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, content development, branding, website development, and Internet Media Placement. They pay us as much as $8,000 per month for our services, and stay with us for years.

Most importantly, we have developed a proven system to attract clients and delight them with specific, measurable business results. Click here to see some case studies and read what clients are saying about us.

Demand for our services is growing to the point where we need to partner with ambitious entrepreneursperhaps you – in order to capture the growing demand for our services. We simply don’t have the capacity to reach out to every potential business and educate them about the value we provide. We intend to generate $100 million in revenues and to do so, we need a unique business model for rapid but effective growth.


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That’s where you come in, and we are prepared to ensure that you receive an incredible return for joining with us.

Join a Booming Industry

Internet Advertising is experiencing the kind of growth that is making many entrepreneurs rich.

According to the research firm eMarketer, US Internet ad spending will exceed $15 billion dollars in 2007, and is experiencing 20% growth per year.

Currently only about 8% of advertising in the US is online, and therefore has enormous potential to grow – especially now that businesseses are rapidly shifting their budget at the expense of print, radio, and direct mail.

A Value Proposition That Has Clients Come to You

In this explosive growth environment, it is easy to attract clients. Every business owner wants to see their website appear first on search engine pages, and to attract as many visitors as possible to their website as possible.

But they don’t know how to get these results.

That’s where we – and you – come in. We offer businesses some unbeatable advantages:

  • Our depth of expertise in Internet Advertising is unmatched.

  • We provide measurable results that anyone can track – and even provide bi-weekly reports to prove it. Clients stay with us for years, and we have dozens of case studies documenting how we have helped businesses earn significantly more money. Click here to see some case studies and read what clients are saying about us.
  • Because we have employees all over the world, fees for our services are one third or less than the competition.

  • We have integrity. All of our strategies are legitimate and acceptable to search engines. We do not work with gambling or adult entertainment firms. And we do what we say we will do.

  • We are extremely responsive, and clients rave about our professionalism.

In other words, we get better results at a fraction of the cost that competitors charge – and we do this with extremely professional and responsive service.

Now we invite you to offer this same value proposition with your own Internet Advertising firm, and earn lots of money in the process, especially while the growth in this industry continues and demand remains strong….

Receive a Turn Key Operation While Putting Virtually No Money At Risk…And We’ll Even Build You YOUR OWN Custom Website for FREE

As we said before, we want to capture as much market share as we can in this booming market. Therefore, our offer is simple and generous:

We will provide you with your own turn key Internet Advertising agency and all of the support you need to earn the income you want.

All you do is attract clients, which doesn’t take a lot of effort when you use the materials and support that we provide. Once you find a client, we do all of the work on your behalf while you earn residual income. It’s that simple. And, as you will soon see, you can get started with almost no money.

Here is EXACTLY what you receive when you accept our offer to launch your very own Internet Advertising Agency:

  • INCLUDED -- A starter kit to immediately learn this business and attract clients. This starter kit includes EVERYTHING you need to learn about Internet Advertising and get started: product descriptions, business models, the best companies to target, sales and marketing materials, contracts, project management tools, and a complete marketing action plan. You receive a 126-page manual AND also participate in a series of interactive video tele-conferences with our executive team. That way, we work together to get you completely up to speed and comfortable. The material in this starter kit cost us over $100,000 of our own time and resources to assemble, and includes the latest best practices about Internet Advertising from our leading experts.

  • INCLUDED – Your custom designed logos, letterhead, brochures, and all the marketing materials you need to attract clients quickly and effectively. It would cost you at least $5,500 to develop this material by hiring your own copywriters and graphic designers.

  • INCLUDED -- Your own website. When you join us, we develop your own website so that you have a unique business presence. Of course, we optimize your website for search engines, and show you how to attract people to your site. You receive a website worth $3,500 – all as part of this program.

  • INCLUDED -- A marketing system and action plan that has been proven to attract all the clients you can handle. We provide you with a proven system that will get you clients quickly and effectively. If you can follow A-B-C, step-by-step instructions, you can succeed with our system. Frankly, we can’t put a value on this system because we know of no other professional Internet Advertising agency that has developed anything like it.

  • INCLUDED -- Get sales support when you need it to help you close deals. If you have a potential client and need help closing the deal, we will participate on sales calls to help you move the client forward towards a favorable decision. That way, you are more assured of success than if you had to go it alone.

  • INCLUDED -- Your fully customized project management system. We set you up with a system so that you can easily track projects, communicate with clients, and keep everything moving smoothly. This is our proprietary project management system; a comparable system would cost thousands of dollars.

  • INCLUDED -- Have 100 people at your disposal to work on your projects. We provide you with a centralized team of experts ready to serve you and your clients. You don’t have to be an expert, because we get results on your behalf! Our team includes experts in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, Internet media placement, shopping site and free site insertion, and content development for search engines. Simply put, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to assemble a team with this much depth on your own. Should we mention design services as well?

  • INCLUDED – Access to NetSuccessUSA University for ongoing support. Twice monthly we hold training classes in sales and Internet Marketing. You can join these classes at any time for no additional charge. Before you know it, you will be a leading expert in Internet Advertising.

  • INCLUDED -- Personal coaching and support whenever you need it. Contact us at anytime with any issue, and we will respond right away. We are serious when we say that we are 100% committed to your success, because when you succeed so do we. Joining this program is like having your own sales, marketing, and Internet Advertising team on call for you, 24/7, to help you succeed.

Home Based Business Opportunity

In Case You Are Worrying That This Opportunity Must Cost a Small Fortune

We know that there are technology and web design franchises for sale that provide a fraction of our support and expertise, and yet charge well over $30,000 for the “privilege” of joining them. We are not asking you to pay anything near that amount. Not even close.

In fact, you are going to find that this program is extremely affordable – especially compared to what we give you in exchange and the income you can earn.

The program you receive, as described above, is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars. Your own website, marketing materials, project management system, and starter kit alone are worth well over $14,000. When you add the sales support, access to NetSuccessUSA University, a proven marketing plan, and ongoing one-on-one support, the value of this program increases substantially.

And yet….all we are asking from you is $995 to defray the cost of your starter kit! What’s more, you can even pay in four convenient monthly installments of $248.75.

Any way you do the math, the price of $995 is a fantastic value. Not only do you receive tens of thousands of dollars of information, marketing materials, and support – and your own website – but you also get in on the ground floor of a booming industry.

The Bottom Line: Here is How You Can Earn in the High Six Figures with Your Own Internet Advertising Agency

Your return on your $995 investment is potentially enormous.

Your average client will generate $250 to $750 in income to you in a single month, and stay with you for years. You earn $3,000 to $9,000 per client per year, and as much as $35,000 over a single client’s lifetime. Best of all, once you sign up a client, you receive residual effort with little or no ongoing effort! You can focus all of your time on signing up clients while our team does the work for you.

Your very first client pays back your investment in this program after only a couple of months. And, with our proven marketing materials and support, you can expect to attract many more clients than that to your firm.

It will not take many clients for you to be generating in the high six figures – assuming you follow our marketing and sales program.

So why are we charging only $995 to show you how to succeed in this industry and to set you up with your own Internet Advertising firm that has this much potential?

There are two reasons:

First, as we noted earlier, we want to grow to become at least a $100 million firm by capturing as much of the revenue growth in this industry as we can. Therefore, we want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to take advantage of this opportunity with us NOW.

Second, we sincerely believe that you have to give to get, and we are willing to make an investment in order to reap rewards over time.

Sorry But This Opportunity is NOT for Everyone, and Of Course There is a Small Catch

This opportunity is not for everyone – only serious individuals who are willing to put a proven plan to work for them to grow a business. We seek any of the following people: entrepreneurs with a technical and sales background; stay-at-home parents looking to generate additional income with their computer; and ambitious people with a desire to make a lot of money offering leading-edge Internet services.

But there is a small catch…At the price for our starter kit of only $995, we only have space to train 100 people and give them their turn key system. After 100 people sign up with us, we will stop marketing this program, or else significantly increase the price in response to what is sure to be high demand.

We expect that space will go VERY QUICKLY and so we encourage you to take action today.

Internet Advertising Opportunity

Take Advantage of A Free Tele-Conference to Meet Our Executive Team and Answer Your Questions…But Sign Up While Space is Still Available

We are not even asking you to make any major decisions or to give us any money today. All we want you to do is to sign up for a free tele-conference to meet our executive team, learn more about the opportunity, and answer your questions.

On this free call, you will learn more about:

  1. The explosive growth in this industry.
  2. The services that you can provide with your own Internet Advertising Agency.
  3. How easy it is to attract clients and get results that will have them raving.
  4. How you can achieve your financial dreams with this opportunity.
  5. The training and support you will receive.

Plus, you can ask any questions you have to confirm whether or not this opportunity is a good fit for you.

Think again about this opportunity and what you receive. You can get in on the ground floor of a booming industry with your very own Internet Advertising Agency, become an expert in a leading-edge field, earn in the high six figures, and receive a turn key system that includes:

  1. A complete starter kit to attract clients quickly and begin getting results for them.
  2. Custom marketing materials, including your VERY OWN WEBSITE.
  3. A proven marketing and sales plan.
  4. A project management system.
  5. Over 100 experts from the leading Internet Marketing firm at your disposal.
  6. Support to close sales or answer any questions you have, whenever you need it.
  7. Access to the leading edge education at NetSuccessUSA University.

There is no risk or obligation to learn more about this opportunity – and we guarantee that there are no hidden fees or “tricks.” We will not ask you for a penny more than $995 if you decide to take advantage of our offer.

Plus, all you have to do today is register for a free call to confirm whether this opportunity is a good fit for you.

If you have read this far and are not planning to sign up for the free tele-conference at this point, I would sincerely like to know why! Frankly, this decision is a non-decision. The worst case is that you spend some time learning about a booming industry and how to succeed in it. Why wouldn’t you click one of the buttons on this page right away to learn more about this opportunity, before space fills up?

If you are at all interested in this opportunity, and even if you are skeptical at this point that it is “too good to be true,” don’t leave this page without signing up to learn more on one of our free tele-conferences. If you miss this opportunity, somebody else will take it, and be glad they did.

Small Business Opportunity

On behalf of our team, we look forward to speaking with you, and wish you continued success.


Bernard May

P.S. At the beginning of this letter I wrote that the opportunity in Internet Advertising and Marketing is huge and the timing is perfect. The question remains: Are you going to take advantage of this absolutely incredible opportunity or will you let it slip by? Opportunities like this don’t come around very often. Don’t be in a position where, in two to three years, you are kicking yourself for not following through today. Sign up for our free tele-conference now. You owe it to yourself to get the facts and make the right decision for you.

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Home Based Business Opportunity

Learn how to launch your own Internet Advertising Agency

Discover the explosive growth in this industry

We will show you how you can make in the high six figures annually – with very little of your own money at risk

Home Based Business Opportunity

FREE Report: The Boom in Internet Advertising – and How You Can Prosper

Internet Advertising Opportunity

- Why Internet Advertising is exploding

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- How you can earn in the high six figures annually.

Internet Advertising Opportunity

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This concise report will reveal:

- How to achieve better search engine rankings, ethically and effectively;

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This report compares the two most popular ways to drive traffic to your website

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of each tactic.

Discover the opportunity to help businesses make more money with both, while you prosper, too

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