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Frequently Asked Questions

Please describe the opportunity in a nutshell. What do I get and what do I have to invest to get it?
Here is the bottom line:
We show you how to launch your own Internet Advertising agency. We provide training, support, marketing materials, a marketing system so that you can attract new clients quickly – and we do the work on your behalf for your clients.

In exchange, you pay $995 for your starter kit and initial training. You also need a phone, Internet connection, and ambition. Finally, as with any new business, you should be prepared to invest in the usual costs of a start up: establishing a legal structure, registering your business with the local government, printing business cards and letterhead, etc.

Something seems too good to be true in this opportunity. What is the catch?
There is no catch, except that this opportunity will only be available to the first 100 people who sign up. After that, we will change the terms of the offer.

The bottom line is that we are expanding rapidly and have decided that we can maintain our leadership position in the market by recruiting sales-minded, ambitious people to work with us.

Because of our favorable pricing and cost structure, we can BOTH make money when you attract new clients. While it will take us time to recoup our investment in training you, we are confident – based on our client retention rates – that everybody will win with the structure we have set up.

What specifically do I get with this turn key system?
Here is exactly what you get when you accept our offer to launch your very own Internet Advertising Agency:

  • INCLUDED -- A starter kit to immediately learn this business and attract clients. This starter kit includes EVERYTHING you need to learn about Internet Advertising and get started: product descriptions, business models, the best companies to target, sales and marketing materials, contracts, project management tools, and a complete marketing action plan. You receive a 126-page manual AND also participate in a series of interactive video tele-conferences with our executive team. That way, we work together to get you completely up to speed and comfortable. The material in this starter kit cost us over $100,000 of our own time and resources to assemble, and includes the latest best practices about Internet Advertising from our leading experts.
  • INCLUDED – Your custom designed logos, letterhead, brochures, and all the marketing materials you need to attract clients quickly and effectively. It would cost you at least $5,500 to develop this material by hiring your own copywriters and graphic designers.
  • INCLUDED -- Your own website. When you join us, we develop your own website so that you have a unique business presence. Of course, we optimize your website for search engines, and show you how to attract people to your site. You receive a website worth $3,500 – all as part of this program.
  • INCLUDED -- A marketing system and action plan that has been proven to attract all the clients you can handle. We provide you with a proven system that will get you clients quickly and effectively. If you can follow A-B-C, step-by-step instructions, you can succeed with our system. Frankly, we can’t put a value on this system because we know of no other professional Internet Advertising agency that has developed anything like it.
  • INCLUDED -- Get sales support when you need it to help you close deals. If you have a potential client and need help closing the deal, we will participate on sales calls to help you move the client forward towards a favorable decision. That way, you are more assured of success than if you had to go it alone.
  • INCLUDED -- Your fully customized project management system. We set you up with a system so that you can easily track projects, communicate with clients, and keep everything moving smoothly. This is our proprietary project management system; a comparable system would cost thousands of dollars.
  • INCLUDED -- Have 100 people at your disposal to work on your projects. We provide you with a centralized team of experts ready to serve you and your clients. You don’t have to be an expert, because we get results on your behalf! Our team includes experts in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, Internet media placement, shopping site and free site insertion, and content development for search engines. Simply put, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to assemble a team with this much depth on your own.
  • INCLUDED – Access to NetSuccessUSA University for ongoing support. Twice montly we hold training classes in sales and Internet Marketing. You can join these classes at any time for no additional charge. Before you know it, you will be a leading expert in Internet Advertising.
  • INCLUDED -- Personal coaching and support whenever you need it. Contact us at anytime with any issue, and we will respond right away. We are serious when we say that we are 100% committed to your success, because when you succeed so do we. Joining this program is like having your own sales, marketing, and Internet Advertising team on call for you, 24/7, to help you succeed.
What is my investment?
You pay us $995, and you can even pay in monthly installments. In addition, expect to incur the usual start up expenses when you launch a new business, such as setting up a corporate structure, printing business cards and letterhead, etc.

Note that the $995 price is available only to the first 100 people who sign up with us.

How do I find clients?
We show you a number of easy and proven ways to attract clients, and provide excellent training to assure your success.

Remember that numerous businesses are struggling to succeed with their online web presence. You can help them make more money online and provide them with a phenomenal return on their investment. Because of the value you provide, selling Internet Advertising services is relatively easy.

How do you make your money?
We make money the same way you do: from client revenues.

When you join our free teleconference we will explain to you exactly how the revenue is split, and we are confident that you will see how quickly this arrangement can add up to a six-figure income for you.

I want to see the specific numbers to know more about what you make and what I make for each client.
No problem:


Where do I go if I need support once I launch my Internet Advertising agency?
Contact us anytime, 24/7 and we will do our best to resolve any issue you have. We are even available to help you close deals!

You also receive ongoing support in the form of scheduled tele-classes with NetSuccessUSA University.

Are you a franchise?
No. Franchises charge tens of thousands of dollars for their “system,” plus ongoing royalty payments and national advertising fees. Did you know that as much as 50-60% of your upfront fee to a franchise actually goes to “franchise brokers” who recruit franchisees and serve only a marketing function?

I know nothing about Search Engine Optimization or Internet Advertising. Is that a problem?
No. We teach you everything you need to know – and we do the work on your behalf for clients.

What types of people will be most successful with their own Internet Advertising Agency?
We seek highly ambitious and motivated people. This is a sales-driven position, so you should be comfortable in a business development role. We provide the training and support, and will even help you close deals. However, your success depends on your motivation, drive, and willingness to educate businesses about how Internet Advertising can benefit them.

What SPECIFIC earnings claims are you willing to make?
None. We will show you what you have to do to earn in the high six figures, and support you along the way. But you know as well as we do that your success ultimately depending on you. YOU have to be serious about earning this kind of income, and you have to do the work required to succeed.

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