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Read These Actual Examples of The Results We Get for Our Clients

Following are a few selected case studies of our results, to show you that we are serious about performance and delivering top notch service. We serve all kinds of businesses, from local retail and professional establishments to regional, national, and multi-national companies. Most of these companies come to us because they are not satisfied with the results they are getting online – and we help them make more money with proven, cutting-edge, and ethical strategies.

Remember: You can achieve these same results when you launch your own Internet Advertising Agency, because we do all of the work on your clients’ behalf. PLUS you can earn a wonderful income at the same time.

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CASE STUDY #1: Real Estate Firm


About Real Estate generates leads for over 100 real estate agents in California. About Real Estate had experienced lackluster results with their previous Search Engine Optimization Company and was spending thousands of dollars a month on Pay-Per-Click advertising.


NetSuccessUSA formulated a plan of action to improve rankings and conversions through

Natural Search Rankings. We targeted the most expensive and best converting Pay Per Click keywords and implemented a relevant links campaign that generated approximately 300 new links per month. We also developed approximately 50 pages of specially written SEO content

The Result:

Currently About Real Estate is receiving 90% of its’ Internet Leads through Natural Search.

About Real Estate was not only was able to reduce PPC spending by 80% but they generated more conversions for less money and increase in their business significantly since working with us.
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CASE STUDY #2: Capital Asset Auction and Valuation Service

Overview: DoveBid, Inc. is one of the largest global providers of capital asset auction and valuation services in the world, with 37 locations in 15 countries. DoveBid has an impressive list of Global 1000 companies and a loyal and growing buyer base throughout the world. DoveBid approached NetSuccessUSA to help manage its Internet Marketing campaign Internationally. This included Natural Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and focused landing pages to increase conversion.

Strategy: NetSuccessUSA formulated an international Internet Marketing plan that included targeted campaigns in English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The strategy including a combination of paid search, natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and focused online media placement. Special exchange pages were developed to help increase conversions. SEO included onsite optimization, a relevant natural linking program, and hundreds of pages of specially designed SEO content.

The Result: Currently DoveBid dominates the online Industrial Auction market with thousands of buyers and sellers conducting business on their website daily.
The company’s business is now almost entirely conducted online. Landing pages have increased conversion 300%. The majority of traffic is generated through SEO while a targeted Pay Per Click campaign is still utilized for special featured auctions.

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CASE STUDY #3: Uniform/Career Apparel Supply Company

Klug Uniforms has been supplying and customizing uniforms and career apparel for companies all across the United States for over 105 years. Klug Uniforms approached NetSuccessUSA to help expand its traditional marketing success to the Internet. Klug was most interested in a long term strategy with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization.

Strategy :
NetSuccessUSA formulated a national Internet Marketing plan for Klug Uniforms that emphasized a Search Engine Optimization only program. Keywords were selected within the first 48 hours and onsite optimization including XML sitemap submissions to Google was completed in the first week. As the site was light on content, we wrote specially-designed keyword rich SEO content for the site. A relevant linking program was started and approximately 300 links were added each month.

The Result:
Rankings results for Klug Uniform rapidly increased. With an increase in rankings came a significant, higher-than-expected increase in Internet sales and resulting revenues.

Remember: We do the work on your behalf while YOU earn significant revenue for managing the client relationship.

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